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Mission Statement

We strive to produce ethical notary services with convenience, flexibility, and security utilizing client-focused online technology advances to accommodate any environment or schedule for 365 days in the year, all in just a few minutes.

Vision Statement

We believe notary shouldn’t be so hassle to accomplish. With our remote online and mobile notary services, we aim for all Minnesotans to turn to us for their immediate notary needs being known for having an easy, quick, professional, and sound notary process.

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Doc-Agent Notary LLC is a notary provider for residents of Minnesota requiring notarization of documents with privacy and security in mind. We maintain the highest standards of security advancements within the industry to respect and uphold ethical confidentiality. All our trained signing agents have scrutinized background checks and are required to carry E&O insurance to accommodate any notarization service needed to residents of Minnesota anytime and anywhere.

Our main effort is based on clients needing loan closings in remote locations or notarizations either in their homes, at a local coffee shop, business, or airport. We cater to the clients scheduled in the greater Twin Cities and provide signing services for all major national and regional Mortgage Lenders and Title Insurance Companies; extending the same level of professionalism and expertise to all of our clients for a one-on-one basis closing approach. We utilize advanced technology remote online notarization (RON) based software for the more advanced computer-minded individuals needing privacy in their homes, hotel rooms, or environments, certified with Signix, Nexsys, and Pavaso online software portals. We are connected with most major signing services across the United States for Minnesota notarizations needed for all real estate signings.

If you are a resident of Minnesota, you can get your documents notarized online by us anywhere in the world by providing the identity of your Minnesota Driver’s License or State ID Card.

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